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 Post subject: WARNING: Know Your Bylaws And Your Limits
PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:59 pm 
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G'day and thanks for taking the time to read this warning post.

The legality of animal ownership:
When purchasing or owning pets, you should always be aware of your federal/provincial laws and local bylaws. There are always restrictions in place prohibiting or limiting the ownership of certain plants and animals. This may come in the form of a maximum size cap, or even a blanket ban on a species. It is your responsibility to ensure that your transactions are completely legal and that the lifeforms you are buying and selling are within your rights to own. We cannot be expected to learn the fine details of every bylaw in every city across Canada (let alone internationally), so do your research. If you are picking up an animal you need to research the care, so make that part of your routine. If we do notice a violation, we will contact the seller and/or remove the post.

It is illegal to buy and sell any animal indigenous to Canada. DO NOT REMOVE ANIMALS FROM THE WILD.

Know your skill level:
I know people I could comfortably sell a 10 foot crocodile to... and I also know people I would barely trust with a pet rock. DO NOT BUY ABOVE YOUR SKILL LEVEL. You need to be aware of your skillset and your limits. If you are buying a baby of an animal, dont think of it as buying a small critter - think of it as an adult. Do you have the ability to handle a full grown version of that species? Yeah, a baby boa or gator is cute now, but can you properly (and comfortably) house a 9 foot long carnivore? Can you even afford an enclosure for something that size? If you are unsure as to the difficulty level of a particular species, just make a post on the forum.

Sellers - If you are selling an advanced or large species, please be ethical and ensure the buyer knows what they are getting into.

Well, that is all I had to rant about. Just use your head and not your ego when you are considering a new pet. You wont look cool when you lose a fight to your bragging piece. And if you are terrified of your animal, how happy can it really be?

 Post subject: Re: WARNING: Know Your Bylaws And Your Limits
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 Post subject: Re: WARNING: Know Your Bylaws And Your Limits
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